Welcome to the OHSU Library Data Science Institute!
November 6-8, 2017
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What is the Data Science Institute?

The OHSU Library Data Science Institute aims to bring together researchers, librarians, and information specialists for formal training on key topics in data science. The program will be offered as a three-day workshop from November 6-8, 2017 at the White Stag Building, located at 70 NW Couch Street in Portland, Oregon. The learning objectives for the training are:

Increase skills

Increase awareness of key skills in data science and how these can be applied to the participant’s own daily practices.

Increase confidence

Increase confidence with using data science techniques


Increase the ability of participants to use or apply data science techniques in problems outlined in the course


All sessions will be held at the White Stag Building, located at 70 NW Couch Street, Portland

Day 1 Monday November 6
Time Topic Instructor(s)
9-10AM Registration and Welcome DSI organizers
10-11:30AM Introduction to the Command Line, Version Control with Git and Github Asia Mitchell and Eleonora Juarez
11:30-1PM LUNCH Lunch on your own
1-2PM Data exploration, Part 1 Ted Laderas
2-2:15PM BREAK
2-3PM Data exploration, Part 2 Ted Laderas
3-4PM Statistical Analysis Jessica Minnier
Day 2 Tuesday November 7
Time Topic Instructor(s)
10-11:00AM Data Description Letisha Wyatt, Robin Champieux, and Nicole Vasilevsky
11-11:15AM BREAK
11:15-12:15PM Biomedical Data Standards Lilly Winfree
12:15-1:45PM LUNCH Lunch on your own
1:45-3PM Data Sharing and Reuse Letisha Wyatt, Robin Champieux, and Nicole Vasilevsky
3-3:15PM BREAK
3:15-5PM Mixed Study Methods: How Qualitative and Quantitative Data Inform Each Other Patty Carney
Day 3 Wednesday November 8
Time Topic Instructor(s)
10-12PM Elective 1: Analyzing Textual Data Steven Bedrick
10-12PM Elective 2: Web Scraping Kyle Banerjee
12:30-2PM LUNCH Lunch on your own
1:30-3PM Elective 1: Data Visualization Steven Bedrick and Jackie Wirz
1:30-3PM Elective 2: Mapping and Geospatial Visualization with QGIS David Percy

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Who We Are

We are a group of researchers, librarians and University administrators from OHSU.


Nicole Vasilevsky

PhD, Cell Biology

  •  Semantic technologies
  •  Open Science
  •  Research Data Management

Jackie Wirz

PhD, Biochemistry

  •  Data visualization

Robin Champieux

MILS, Library Science

  •  Open science
  •  Open data
  •  Research impact
  •  Scientific communication
  •  Libraries

Letisha Wyatt

PhD, Neuroscience

  •  Data management
  •  Data visualization

Laura Zeigen

MLS, Library Science; MPH

  •  Public health


Asia Mitchell

PhD, Molecular and Medical Genetics

  •  GitHub
  •  Genomic data science

Eleonora Juarez

PhD, Molecular and Medical Genetics

  •  GitHub
  •  Cancer genomics

Ted Laderas

PhD, Bioinformatics

  •  R
  •  Shiny
  •  Markdown
  •  ggplot2

Jessica Minnier

PhD, Statistics

  •  R
  •  Biostatistics

Steven Bedrick

PhD, Bioinformatics

  •  Information Retrieval
  •  Data visualization

Lilly Winfree

PhD, Neuroscience

  •  Python
  •  R
  •  Data visualization

Patty Carney

PhD, Health Services Research and Educational Psychology

  •  Qualitative data analytics

Kyle Banerjee

MLIS, Library and Information Science

  •  Web scraping
  •  Metadata

David Percy

BS, Geology, Economics Minor

  •  GIS
  •  Census data

Friends and Resources

Groups and resources for coding and research

  • Ted Laderas, PhD
    OHSU Assistant Professor Ted Laderas has developed an R Bootcamp and other tutorials. It's a great place to start learning R. After you do that, move on to Markdown, ggplot2, and Shiny tutorials!
  • Software Carpentry
    Introductory lessons on various topics in computing for research.
  • Portland's R User Group
    Meetups in PDX featuring R users talking about their work and learning together.
  • Women Who Code PDX
    Networking, skill building, and professional development meetups.
  • Women in Science PDX
    Networking, skill building, and professional development meetups for women in STEM fields.
  • Alliance for Visible Diversity in Science
    OHSU student-led group for enhancing support of students, postdocs, and faculty of color in grad programs/science.
  • Awesome Research Tools
    A curated list of tools to help you with research/life